iCamViewer iPhone App Setup for Vivotek IP Cameras

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    Mike Haldas

    In order to access a Vivotek IP camera from the iCamViewer iPhone app, stream 1 of the camera must be set to type MJPEG.

    The below instructions were used to setup a Vivotek IP7361 for use with the app.

    1. Login to the camera on a computer using Internet Explorer
    2. Click on the configuration link on the main camera webpage
    3. On the System Configuration screen, click on the Audio and Video link
    4. Click on the Advanced mode link
    5. Click on the Video quality settings link for stream 1. Set to JPEG. It is recommended that you set the Frame size to 640×480 because the app in reality does not use any resolution higher than 352×240. Also adjust the Max frame rate to 5fps and Video quality to excellent.
    6. Click on tje Video quality settings link for stream 2 and adjust these settings any way you want. The iCamViewer app does not use any MPEG settings.
    7. Click on the Save button on the bottom of the screen
    8. Add the camera settings into the iCamViewer iPhone surveillance app by follow these instructions.

    Please post any questions to this support forum thread.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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