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    Recently had to reinstall my computer which houses geovision gv800 and software. After my reinstall I ran the geovision restore program I had previously created. Everything restored fine EXCEPT the database folder location as displayed in the System Configuration screen under Video Log Storage. It shows the database folder as F:GV800 instead of D:GV800. How can I manually change the location of the database folder?

    Mike Haldas

    From the Main Console, you must press the "Configure" button (bottom of screen, 3rd from left), click "General Setting" then click System Configure (or press "F9" on your keyboard). This pulls up the System Configure dialog box. In the center area of the screen in the "Video Log Storage" section, press the "Set Location" button. Then press "Storage Group Folder". Click "Remove Storage" for the FGV800 location. Then Click the "Add Storage" icon at the top left and choose the cameras you wish to record in this location (usually all). Then press the "add new path" folder icon and choose the file path to the D: location. Click "OK" to save setting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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