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    I am running 2- mpeg-4 cameras, both 3 megapixel, one Dahua 2meg H-264, one Dahua 1.3meg H-264 on a local network connection to my shop using a Ubiquiti M5 wireless bridge. The bandwidth tests at the shop are showing 6mbs down, 500kbs upstream. Now this is internet or WAN speeds, if I'm correct. Local connection speed should be up to 150mbs, which is the rated speed at one mile distance, line of sight and my actual distance is about 650ft. I have video on all four cameras but the best frame rate i can get is around .2 fps and each camera is showing an average 45kbs bandwidth usage. All cameras show to be using port 80.. my question- do they need to all be on different ports to gain bandwidth and increase the frame rate? I'm a networking dummy but I thought I could figure this out after weeks of reading! Also- using Blue iris as my NVR running on an intel core I7, 8gig ram..

    Mike Haldas


    No, your cameras do not need to be configured on different ports. This does not have any impact on network throughput.

    In my experience, it is rare to achieve the wireless speeds that wireless bridge manufacturers claim on their specs.

    That being said, I would think that you can do a lot better than 45kbs per camera.

    Have you contacted Ubiquiti support?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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