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    I already read the post about the Jpeg2000 format DVR not being compatible with the Iphone. But I refuse to beleive that. Is there a way to have some kind of program to relay the data and convert it realtime to a iphone compatible client or format??

    There must be a way or an Iphone App that supports these kind of DVRs!

    If not, would someone be interested in this app? maybe I could program it, and sell it, how much would you pay for it?


    Mike Haldas


    There is a way to view your cameras on the iPhone while using the jpeg2000 stand alone DVR. You need to add a video server/encoder to each of the cameras that you wish to view. If you use the video loop out for the channel you want to view and attach the loop out to this video encoder:

    Then you can view the camera on the iPhone using safari or using CCTV Camera Pros FREE iphone app, the iCamViewer:

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.






    im not sure if this is the correct post to add this but im hoping i can find a soloution here.

    i have the h264 dvr i have set up remote viewing via eagleeyes and hae installed the app on my iphone.

    i have set up the dvr box to email me at my gmail email address when the sensor is triggered, and when the motion sensor is activated i do receive an email however i get an attachment which will not play and get the following message

    [/quote]If you see this then your email client is not mime / MHTML compliant


    is there a programme or iphone app that will allow me to view the trigger video clip?

    Thank you in advance for your help


    Mike Haldas


    Does the attachment work in your email when not on the iPhone? Does it work if you send to a different email (not gmail)?

    I would test these things to help figure out if the problem is with the that DVR or with the mail system.





    hi mike

    no doesnt work even if i log on to my pc either

    still the same message so dont think it is an iphone error i think it is gmail problem although i have tried in yahoo, and that doesnt work either so do you think error is with dvr system ?





    Hi i have an jpeg2000 and the app icamviewer on my iPad. Do someone knows how to set it up? They need an host or ip name/number but I can t seem to plug the right one. My cams are conected on Internet via a web site, but you have to instal a program that does not instal onc the iPad nor mac. Can anyone help me with the setup?

    Thanks so much !



    Mike Haldas


    Please see the above post to vra1974 that explains the situation with the jpeg2000 DVR.

    Thank You.


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