License Plate Capture Camera with Network Video Server and Wireless Bridge

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer contacted us with the following questions related to using an LPR camera with a network video server and wireless bridge:

    I am looking at a license plate capture camera for the entry gate of a gated community. The gate is 350 feet from the club house where the internet connection is located. I interested in the LPR-SC540CO camera with the V111T Video server. I plan to use a 802.11g/n wireless bridge to the clubhouse and connect it to a NUUO NVR mini network video recorder. My question will this camera and video server work together with the Nuuo NVR mini? Do you have another suggestion? I am on a budget of around $1000 for camera and video server. I did not see any IP License Plate Capture Cameras on your website.

    Here is CCTV Camera Pros reply:

    Yes, that configuration will work for license plate capture. However, I recommend that you use the LPR-SC600HC license plate camera instead. This is a high contrast LPR camera that will work in the day or night. Please note that this is a black and white camera (not color). This is required for high contract license plate detection and head light compensation.

    Typically, high contrast black and white LPR cameras are used in conjunction with a camera that provides a color overview. A much cheaper non-LPR CCTV camera can be used for the overview such as this one:

    If it is not within your budget to also include the overview camera, I do still recommend going with the SC600HC.

    The LPR-SC600HC can be used with the V111T Video server. Here is a video of the NUUO mini being used with an license plate capture camera and the Vivotek VS8102 IP video server.

    It is the video on that page titled "LPR Video using Vivotek Video Server and NUUO NVR"

    Unfortunately, there are no ip based high contrast LPR cameras on the market, so the best solution is what you asked about which is attaching a CCTV LPR camera to a high quality network video server that is compatible with the NVR / DVR that you want to use.

    Please take a look and let me know if you have additional questions.


    What about for cars moving at 40-60mph?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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