Long Distance CCTV Camera Cable Solution

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    A customer recently contacted me looking for a long distance CCTV camera cable solution. He wanted to mount a camera at his property entrance at the end of a very long driveway. His house was on a large acreage so the camera was roughly 1,000 feet away from the monitor in his house where he wanted to see the video. He did not require video recording and had power out at the entrance. He was looking for a relatively low cost, simple camera to monitor solution.

    This customer admitted that he was not very familiar with surveillance video equipment and asked if I could provide a basic diagram to help him with the installation.

    long distance cctv camera cable

    Below is a list of the equipment that I recommended to the customer. Video Baluns are a great solution to send a composite video signal over a twisted pair in a CAT-5E or other UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cabling. The BNC to VGA converter allows one to connect a CCTV camera directly to a VGA port commonly available on most monitors and modern TVs.

    CCTV Camera with IR
    Long Range Passive Video Baluns
    1,000 foot Spool of CAT-5E cable
    BNC to VGA Converter

    If you have any questions about this post or anything else related to CCTV camera systems, please email me at info@cctvcamerapros.net.

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