LPR Camera for Lorex 4K IP Camera system

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    Mike Haldas

    I am looking for an LPR camera that is compatible with a Lorex 4K IP Camera system. I want to insall a license plate capture camera at my house. What do you recommend?

    I received the above question from a customer recently. This is what I recommenced.

    CCTV Camera Pros highly recommend the following IP based LPR camera. We have thoroughly tested this camera at our location in Florida and it works very well.

    LPR Camera

    However, when this LPR camera is used with a non-Viewtron NVR, you will not get the benefit of the automatic license plate number recognition (ANPR).

    What does this mean?
    When our Viewtron LPR camera is used with any 3rd party NVR, (not a Viewtron) the camera is capable of capturing video clear enough so that plates can be read by a human that reviews footage, however, third party NVRs do not have the ability to automatically detect the plate numbers and record those as events in a database. You can see an example of how our Viewtron NVR does this in these videos.

    Also, you should confirm that your NVR is capable of recording at least 1080p video resolution at 30 FPS.

    Last, it is VERY IMPORTANT for customers to understand the installation requirements and limitations of LPR camera applications. You can read about our installation tips here.

    You can watch a night time demo of our ANPR / LPR camera system here.

    LPR / ANPR Camera System [Night Video Demo]

    If anyone reading this post has any questions, you can email me here.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by Mike Haldas.
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