Max Recording Frame Rate for CCTV and HD CCTV Cameras using Viewtron Hybrid DVR

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer contacted CCTV Camera Pros and asked the following: I am looking at the Viewtron VT-HD408 DVR. What would the max recording frame rate be on each camera if I connected 4 HD-AD40 HD cameras and 8 540 TV line CCTV cameras to this recorder all on highest quality format? How many days would I get out of 2 terabytes of storage?

    Thank You for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. The Viewtron VT-HD408 and VT-HD404 hybrid HD CCTV DVRs are both capable of 480 frames per second total recording at CIF resolution.

    These are the higher resolutions that you can use and how many FPS they use compared to CIF resolution.

    D1 = 4x CIF

    720p = 12x CIF

    1080p = 24x CIF

    So, in other words D1 resolution is 4x the size of CIF and 1080p resolution is 24x the size of CIF. D1 is the max resolution of traditional CCTV. 1080p is the max resolution for HD-SDI.

    If you want one HD-SDI camera to record at 3 FPS at 1080p resolution, that would use up 72 of the 480 frames that the DVR is capable of (24 x 3 = 72). We use a VT-HD404 at our office with 4 HD cameras and 4 SD cameras. We have our 4 HD cameras configured to record at 4 FPS at 1080p resolution and the 4 SD cameras setup to record at 6 FPS at D1 resolution. This maxes out the DVR at 480 FPS total.

    24 x 4 FPS x 4 cameras = 384 FPS

    4 x 6 FPS x 4 cameras = 96 FPS

    384 + 96 = 480 FPS

    If we were to use a VT-HD408 model DVR and add an additional 4 SD cameras (540TVL), we would be required to lower the FPS for all of the 540TVL cameras to 3 FPS instead of 6.

    So in answer to your first question, if you want to record all cameras on their max resolution (D1 for CCTV and 1080p for HD-SDI), all HD security cameras could record at a max of 4 FPS and all CCTV cameras at 3 FPS.

    If regards to how many days you can record on a 2 terabyte hard drive, you can use this online calculator figure that according to how you setup each camera's framerate, resolution, and quality.

    Assuming that all HD security cameras will record at 4 FPS at 1080p resolution on the very best setting and all CCTV cameras at 3 FPS at D1 resolution on the very best quality, you can record about 17.5 days continuously.


    Click here for more information about Viewtron hybrid DVRs.

    Please let us know if we can help further.

    Mike Haldas

    You may be interested in using our online video storage calculator to estimate the size of hard drive you will need for your surveillance DVR / NVR.

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