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    Hi Guys,

    After finding my home vandalized upon return from visiting relatives I was lucky or unlucky enough to find a brand new but older model 16 channel stand alone DVR at a reasonable price. It is shown on this site and listed as model# MP416. The newer version of this DVR is listed as Model# mp416x2. Before falling upon this site, I did many weeks of reasearch just trying to find anything I could about this DVR because is came without it's very unique 12V 10A 4 Pin power supply. It also came without a user's manual and the remote which apparently came standard with it. I took a BIG chance, but the unit did power up and goes to the menu. After researching forever, I eventually discovered that this unit was actually made in Korea by a company called "Yoko – Tech". The actual model number for this item is: RYK-9317. This company is unwilling to answer any emails nor will they support their very own product. Please forgive me but I have many questions for those who are willing to help:

    1) – Does anyone have a pdf or any form of the user manual for this item of which they can send me?

    2) – Is there any place where I can buy the remote control for this item?

    3)- The user interface seems rather old style. It does not seem to be "Mouse Friendly" – yet when playing with the dials on the front of this monster, I was able to acess the options which are massive.

    4) – I would really like to update this software if at all possible to something more user friendly, Mouse Friendly and Newer. Is it possible to put ANY or some other 16 channel stand alone DVR software on the hard drive of this DVR and have it still work? Or am I stuck with the software that originally came with this DVR?

    5) – If I am able to update the software, is the latest H.264 compression a software technology? Or does it require hardware to go with it? In other words, can I upgrade this monster to have the latest H.264 16 Channel software? Or am I stuck with this very odd looking and old style un-mouse friendly menu?

    6) – I see on this site that this item is a discontinued product, yet the site refers to the newer version of this item which looks rather similar and is most likely made by the same company. The newer model# mp416x2. Is it possible to use the software designed for this newer and updated model on this monster? I can go on forever…but I guess that is enough for now. Thank you for any help, support and advise. you may contact me at: crystallanglor@yahoo.com – Crystal

    Mike Haldas


    You can find a PDF manual for the discontinued MP416 DVR on this page:


    I am sorry but because that model was discontinued over 2 years ago, remotes, accessories, and software updates are no longer available for it. H.264 requires a certain type of hardware so even if there were software updates available, this unit would never use H.264 compression. The MP416X2 software is not compatible with the MP416.

    If you are considering the purchase of a more up to date DVR, I recommend that you take a look at our iDVR series:


    It is state of the art with H.264 compression and support for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows remote viewing. Even though your original DVR was not purchased from CCTV Camera Pros, we can give you special pricing on a replacement if you are interested. Please email sales@cctvcamerapros.com or call 888-849-2288 if you are interested.

    Thank You.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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