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    Hi i'm using a DSL modem (thompson speedtouch) wich ip is to conect to the modem and that modem conect to a Linksys router (wi-fi) Linksys WRT310N with an ip of and from the router i have two two other pc hooked up plus my Mpeg4 DVR which ip is

    the computer which i'm working with, i have put an static Ip for it and it is and the Mpeg4 DVR i put static IP to and its

    i want to put my cameras so i can see it from home any help please i have made port forwarding but when conecting from webbrowser on my local network it brings me to the router. the hostname is

    Please help

    Mike Haldas


    Start by verifying the following:

    • What port # is your DVR using? Make sure that you add the port number to the end of the URL like this: for example if your DVR uses port 8000.
    • If your DVR is using port 80, you may want to change it.
    • Are you sure that your DVR supports remote access through the IE web browser? Some DVRs do and some do not. Some DVRs use a client application that comes with the DVR that you must install

    Although I do not think that you are using one of the DVRs that CCTV Camera Pros supplies, you can take a look at the instructions for some of our units and improvise a bit for your. Please see these two links:

    Please let me know if we can help further.




    Oke thanks Mike well mines came with cd which is DX Client version 2.7.1 software. so i think mines is the one that you said dont support IE. and i was using port 80. so i will try what you said changing the port of my DVR because it was setup at 80. i will let you know further for any additional info

    thanks for the 2 links you gave me. very usefull.

    thanks Gregory Tromp

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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