NUUO DVR and Software Card FAQ

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    Mike Haldas

    Here is a list of questions that we recently received from a customer that was interested in NUUO DVR cards and software. I am starting this topic to document a list of frequently asked questions related to NUUO DVR cards.

    1. What is the difference between the 5000, 6000, and 7000 NUUO DVR cards?

      >>The 5000 series has been discontinued and replaced with the 6000 series. The difference between the 6000 and 7000 series NUUO cards is the frame rate and resolution that the card is capable of recording at. The 7000 series is top of the line and capable or recording at D1 resolution (which is 704 x 480) at a full 30 frames per second on all channels. So the 16 channel card for example can record at a total of 480 FPS which is 30 FPS x 16 cameras at D1 resolution. The 6000 series cards are capable of recording at full 30 frames per camera at CIF resolution which is 352 x 240. However, the 6000 series cards can also record at D1 resolution but at a lower frame rate (7.5 FPS per camera).

  • If I were to get a PC-based DVR, such as the NUUO-PC7000, which shows that it comes standard with 4-camera support, and at a future date I need to add 15 more cameras, could I just buy a 16-camera Nuuo card (I believe I see the SCB-7016) and put it in the system?

    >> Yes, you can add an additional 7000 series card to expand the number of cameras the DVR supports. That is one of the nice things about the PC based systems.

  • Do NUUO systems support external storage, such as a USB drive?

    >> Yes, you can use an external drive such as a USB drive, however keep in mind that for large systems there may not be enough data throughput on a USB drive to support recording a bunch of cameras at D1 resolution at full 30FPS. A faster solution is an external iSCSI drive.

  • What is the DVR software used on the PCs?

    >> All of the NUUO cards include the same software which is provided by NUUO. The latest version is 3.5. You can watch some videos of the NUUO software on this page:

  • Please post additional questions about NUUO to this support topic. CCTV Camera Pros is an authorized factory distributor for NUUO and we want to help educate consumers about the product.

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