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    Mike Haldas

    CCTV Camera Pros recently had a customer inquire with the following questions related to NUUO surveillance systems:

    1. If they decide to go with all IP cameras, what are the live view scenarios that we can expect with such a high bandwidth load from that many cameras?

    Here is a calculator you can use to calculate Bandwidth , HDD Space and recommended Processor

    * The minimum hardware required to run NUUO IP camera software depends mainly on the number of cameras and their video settings.

    * The calculator is for NUUO IP+(NVR), NUUO SCB Series(DVR), NUUO Hybrid solution, or NUUO NVR.

    * NUUO products support Windows 2003 32-bit and Windows XP 32-bit.

    * All products also support Windows Vista 32-bit, except SCB-5000 Series and SCB-4016.

    * The default bitrate for audio is 48 Kbps.

    * Using network drives for recording is NOT recommended. It is recommended to directly attach a hard drive instead of using network drives.

    * Minimum bandwitdh is the least amount of network capacity required for data streaming over LAN or internet. Please reserve 40% or more bandwidth to guarantee stable connection and good remote viewing quality. For instance, 0.8 Mbps (or 800 Kbps) of streaming data works fine with a 2 Mbps upload network connection but not with a 1 Mbps upload network connection.

    * All the testing video streams are set to normal qualities.

    * NVRmini bandwidth limits

    o NV2020 has a maximum bandwidth limit of 20 Mbps.

    o NV2040 has a maximum bandwidth limit of 20 Mbps.

    o NV4080 has a maximum bandwidth limit of 30 Mbps.

    o NV4016 has a maximum bandwidth limit of 22 Mbps.

    * It is required that a dedicated graphics card be installed. Please see also our hardware compatibility list.

    2. They want to be able to record all of the cameras as well. Some of them will be on full time record and some will be on motion recording. Would they be better off with 2 DVRs to give them a longer playback time frame?

    If they are going over 32 cameras I would recommend to separate units. Also refer to calculator above for estimate on HDD recommendation.

    3. If they have 2 DVRs, using the NUUO system, will they be linked?

    You can use the client software that comes with the NUUO systems to view up to 64 cameras on one central station over the web or on the internal LAN. You can also review the playback using the client software.

    4. What kind of Live View software comes with the NUUO system? I have only used Geovision at this point. Do they have remote playback capabilities?

    You can view remotely by using the Client software that comes with all of our NUUO software or via IE web browser. Playback is supported

    5. They are looking at probably 3 PTZ cameras in this system. How are those cameras controlled in the NUUO setup? Can they be controlled by the DVR software?

    If they are using analog PTZ cameras they will need this piece here to integrate it with the NUUO servers

    If they are using IP PTZ cameras than there is no additional hardware needed. You would just have to make sure that the camera is supported by NUUO

    6. Does the NUUO system allow for multiple levels of login? They want to be able to control some of the functions at the guard station (ie PTZ control, playback, single camera view, etc) but want to be able to lock out programming.

    Yes you can create unlimited user accounts and customize user privileges per user.

    After Reading this if you have any questions feel free to ask!!!


    Can I setup diferent quality for local and for remote surveillance?

    I want to wach and record in high resolution and high quality in local and watch remotely in low quality because of bandwidth?

    Tnx in advance,


    Mike Haldas

    Hello Johny4fun,

    Yes on most DVRs and NVRs there is an option for dual streams. Dual streaming allows you to set the perimeters for the camera streams that are sent over the web. NUUO actually has the ability to setup 4 streams and will allow you to choose which stream you would like to run when logging in from a remote computer.

    Thanks James


    Thank you James for your reply.

    And one more question. Do you know where can I find some user manual to setup that streaming options. Because I will monitoring few NVRs with NUUO software through another NUUO software on remote computer (not through browser).

    Thanks again,


    Mike Haldas


    You can download the NUUO Main console manual here — NUUO Mainconsole Manual

    Thanks James

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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