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    Mike Haldas


    Today I will be going over the setup to view your NUUO surveillance System via an Android mobile phone. The quality is not the best but it is a good work around until NUUO comes out with an app that supports Android. Which should be release 1st quarter 2011.

    1.) First thing we will need to do is in the NUUO Main Console itself you will need to enable the 3GPP server. You can do so by following these instructions. Click the Config button > Network service > Click the 3GPP option on the left side of the box > Press the start button.

    2.) Now that you have the 3GPP server enabled I want you to go into the Android Market and download the Real Player app which is free.

    3.) Once you have downloaded the Real Player App. I want you to open your web browser and type in the following

    rtsp://ipaddress:554/media00.3gp this will call camera 1. Note you can only view 1 Camera at a time media00.3gp is camera 1, media01.3gp is camera 2 so on so forth.

    4.)Once you have typed in the ip address press the go button. You should see dialogue box pop up. You will need to select the real player option.

    5.) You should now be connected. Also instead of typing this in over and over it will be easier to create a bookmark for each one of your cameras for easy accessibility.

    Thanks James

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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