NUUO vs. Geovision DVR Cards

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer recently contacted us with the following questions. Our answers are inline with the message:

    Thank you for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. Please see answers to your questions below:

    We currently have a JPEG2000 stand alone 16 camera DVR. Weve picked out a nice rack mount server that wed like to install a DVR card in to replace the JPEG2000. I see NUUO and Geovision, any major differences with them?

    They both support the same major features. NUUO is compatible with many more brand of IP cameras if you ever plan on using any IP cameras in your system. NUUO is also a little more flexible in supporting multiple cards on a single system.

    We were looking at the GV-1240-16. I noticed the GV-1240-16 comes with Geovision version 8 software. Does that include some remote viewing capabilities?

    Yes, both NUUO and Geovision are able to be remotely viewed from either Internet explorer or from the remote viewing client included on the CD.

    Looks like theres separate CMS software for both NUOO and Geovision.

    That is correct, both include CMS.

    For storage with either card, does it require a single drive or RAID array, or can we configure it to record onto multiple local drives?

    Yes, either systems can record to one or multiple drives and both NUUO and Geovision support RAID because they are built in Windows which supports RAID.

    And would should we not use the OS drive for recording?

    Correct, we always recommend not using the OS drive for video storage.

    Is there an easy formula for figuring how much history we can record before overwriting?

    Here is a link to a calculator for NUUO:

    I apologize that I do not have one for Geovision.

    Wed like to get the best quality but still be able to save a reasonable amount, might end up with 4GB in storage but can easily add more if needed.

    Just looking to make sense of this so I can comfortably make a recommendation, both seem to be about the same price.

    I understand. Please let us know if we can help further. Also here is a link to some useful NUUO videos if you have time to take a look.



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