NUUOmini and an iMac

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    I just recently purchased a NUUOmini, two Zavio B5110's, and a Netgear FS108P. I have an iMac with an Airport Extreme router, but I am also running Windows XP via Parallels Desktop. Cameras work great and they show up via Safari, IE in Parallels, and on the iCamViewer.

    The problems I'm having are:

    1) Viewing the cameras outside the network.

    2) Having the cameras show up in the Nuuo LIVE VIEW (via Parallels Desktop)

    I get two messages when switching to the Nuuo LIVE VIEW within Parallels. The first one is "Connecting to Remote Camera. Login Server (". That IP doesn't belong to either of my cameras or the Nuuo, and the IP Scanner software has it listed as an Unidentified Hidden Device. The second message (both messages pop up and go away super fast) is, "Connecting to Remote Camera. Abort Connecting Cameras…". Then in the 4 camera viewer, the boxes are just black with the respective camera names in the first two boxes, along with a recording light in the top right corner of both boxes.

    Under the Camera Status tab it lists the cameras as connected and recording, but I'm not sure what it's recording…nor do I have the ability to play back anything.

    I think the issue with both problems are one in the same and have to do with the network set-up. I've set up a DHCP Reservation for the Nuuo in the AEBS, set up Port Mapping for the Nuuo in the AEBS (80, 5150, 5160, 5170), and tried various combinations out of frustration. I just don't know what to do at this point.

    Thanks for the help,


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