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    What are the ways to use OSD without climbing up to the camera to use the little pushbutton? Do I need an OSD keyboard or is there another way? I thought about cutting the little button control out of the camera cable and re-installing it at the dvr/monitor via twisted pair.



    I guess I picked the wrong place to get help, looks like you have to first become a customer before you can get a response? Good luck with that.


    Mike Haldas

    Hello bigb,

    Sorry for the delayed response. In regards to your question, With most cameras ,yes you do have to climb up to the camera every time you would like to access the cameras OSD menu. However some cameras use RS-485 cable to connect / interface with your DVR so that you can manage the OSD settings from your DVR.

    Also you do not need to be a customer to get a response. However our responses on the support forum are sometimes delayed because direct customers are our 1st priority. I hope you can appreciate that.

    Thanks James



    OK, thank you for your help, and also in the other post. I will check out your balun hub.

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