outdoor security cam grounding question

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    I've got an installation of a outdoor security camera with coax for the video signal and STP (shielded twisted pair) for the 12VDC power. To protect from lightning strikes I have grounded the coax shield and power cable shield to a grounding plate before coming indoors. What can I do to protect the power supply from an incoming surge on the power lines coming in to my house? The transient surge suppressors I see are geared toward protecting the equipment end from a surge at the main power but not from incoming surges from lightning. Any one familiar with products that protect from that end and what they are called?

    Mike Haldas


    Thank you for posting your question. coax surge protectors are actually recommended to be placed on both ends of your cable run (camera & recorder ends). We offer this CCTV coax video surge protector.

    We also carry one that protects both the coax and power cable, but it is not yet on the website. If you need help with it, please give us a call on Monday at 888-849-2288.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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