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    i am new to the whole security camera surveillance stuff.

    i have done some reading but i cant seem to understand a few things still. can you please help me?

    i really want to set up a surveillance system in my home as i am a bit scared with all the robbery that it is happening here.

    i want to set up 7 cameras in my house, 3 outside and 4 inside.

    i do not want to leave my PC on.

    i dont want to record on a DVR because i dont want them to steal the DVR unit.


    1. i want to be able to access the cameras LIVE over the net. so i think i need IP CAMERAS, right? are they WIFI or WIRED?

    2. i do also want to record them on a server. i want to be able to browse/view the recorded videos and delete what i dont need anymore. can all this be done REMOTELY?

    3. i have a personal website that is hosted with "", which provides me with UNLIMITED gb hosting space, gb file transfer, etc. can i take advantage somehow of this service that i already have with them?

    4. to set up the project above… do i need to leave my MODEM and ROUTER on at all times? for the recording to happen? and for the LIVE view to happen? (i want to leave off as many things as i can at my house).

    5. when installing the cameras, is there anything that i can install with them that will prevent them from burning when there is power overcharge?

    6. i also want to be able to set up a monitor so the people inside the house can see the cameras outside. how can i do this?


    please, can anyone help me???

    i am really desperate here… i really need to set up a surveillance system!

    i thank you in advance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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