Port Forwarding Configuration for Belkin Routers

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    Mike Haldas

    In this post I will be going over the port forward configuration setup for Belkin routers.

    1.) Open a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Enter the internal IP address of your router in the address bar of your browser. By default the IP address should be set to

    2.) You should see a box prompting you for your password. Enter your password now. By default your password is blank. Click the Submit button to log in to your router.

    3.) Click the Virtual servers link near the left of the page.

    4.) Enter the ip address to forward these ports to into the LAN IP Address box.

    5.) Use the Protocol Type drop down box to select the protocol type of the ports you are forwarding.

    6.) Enter the port to forward into the LAN Port and the Public Port boxes.

    7.) Put a checkmark in the Enable checkbox.

    8.) Once you have saved the settings go to https://videos.cctvcamerapros.com/check-open-port-forwarding-tool and type in the port number that you have forwarded. Make sure it is open. If the port is closed proceed to the next step.

    9.) If you have DSL for you internet service you will need to call your provider and have them bridge the modem to your Belkin router. This is a standard process.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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