Port Forwarding SMC8014WN Router

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    Mike Haldas


    Please see the below instructions on how to configure Port Forwarding rules on your SMC8014WN router / gateway.

    1.) Open a web browser and type in the URL. [User name: cusadmin Password: password]

    2.) Click the NAT button over to the left. Now you should see the Port Forwarding option. Please click / select.


    3.)Now you will need to fill in the blanks.

    Name: This is just for your reference this can be anything.

    Type: This depends on your DVR / Camera / Equipment. Typically this is TCP

    LAN Server IP: This is going to be the device you are wanting to access remotely IP address [DVR , Cameras ETC.]

    Remote IPs: Set to Any

    Public IP Ports: Single

    Start Public Port: Port # your equipment [DVR , Cameras ETC.]

    Start Public Port: Port # your equipment [DVR , Cameras ETC.] Same as above.

    4.)Now Press the Apply button [If you have multiple ports repeat step 3 as needed]

    5.)Now lets check and make sure the port is open. Go to https://dvrport.net. [This needs to be done while onsite with the equipment]


    -Leave the IP address, dvrport.net will automatically fill this in with the correct Remote IP Address.

    -In the Enter Port To Scan section type the port # in you are trying to open.

    -Press the Scan button.

    6.) If the port is open you will use the Remote IP Address you get from the https://yougetsignal.com. However you will need to type it in as follows via web browser https://ipaddress:port number, eg. if your ip address is than it should look like this when you type it into your web browser

    Please us know if you have any questions.

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