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    I have 2 or 3 questions:

    1. about motion detection in geovision 8.5

    does the geovision software do the motion detection itself from the software/DVR end?
    or do you have to buy cameras that have motion detectors built in?

    2. I have an existing system, that is integrated with POS

    when you are in the main geovision screen,m if you go to the button for viewlog

    you see an option called ‘POS LIve’ view

    which gives a pop up screen of real time POS transactions (we have the text overlay from POS also on video displays)


    on my new DVR I am setting up
    I do not have that ‘POS LIve’ option

    I am only setting this up on the bench

    is the POS live option
    part of one of these 2 programs, which I have not installed yet,???

    -pos text sender (text mode)
    -pos text sender (graphics mode)

    and if so

    3. here is another question:

    is there any way of me telling on our currently operating system, which of these 2 are installed, as I do not wish to run hyperterminal on the running system and screw it up.

    -and, can I install the POS sender on the bench, before its hooked up to the POS stuff, and configure it later?


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