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    Mike Haldas

    A customer recently contacted CCTV Camera Pros with the following questions related to active video baluns.

    Is there any advantage with using ctive video baluns when the runs are between 300 – 600 feet? I have a system now with passive baluns that are providing me a good picture at this time. But I wanted to know if Active video baluns would improve the picture even more?

    Let me give you more detail. I have a farm with a 16 can DVR setup. Some of the runs are 500-600ft to 3 different buildings. At each building I have power supplies so I'm not using the cat-5 twisted pairs for power. The cat5 is just for video over the 500-600 runs of twisted pairs. I'm using passive baluns on all video circuits that seem to give me a good picture.

    Would their be any advantage at all with active baluns as far as improving the pictures even more, or would I just be sending to much video overpowering the DVR?

    CCTV Camera Pros response:

    There is no advantage or reason to use an active video balun in cases where your CAT5 cable runs are 500-600 feet. The use of powered video baluns start to make sense to use at distances greater than 1000 feet, and in most cases a good quality passive balun will work up to 1200 feet.

    Please let us know if we can help further.

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