Recommended Combo for remote Controlling 2 Nos. CCTV DVRs

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    We are implementing a security project in our apartment complex.

    We are installing 2 Nos. 16 channel DVRs which we are placing in posiions nearest to the cameras.

    They are then connected by LAN Cable to the Security Room PC for remote control and display of the the thumbnails of all 32 camera feeds.

    The recording of the camera feeds is done in the DVR itself and is not required to be done in the PC

    The feeds are of D1 quality 25FPS so I presume contain a lot of data which has to be processed by the CPU 24×7 to display the thumbnails and blow up a specific feed as and when the need arises.

    A CMS software will run on the PC which is designed specifically for DVRs.

    The PC will not be used fr any other purpose

    The output will be taken on 2 Nos. 32" LED TVs

    I shall request the members to recommend the best CPU and motherboard combo for this application

    keeping capacity for 64 camera feeds without any upgradation

    As the Security room where the PC will be kept is not air conditioned and dust prone, a low power and heat generating combo will be appreciated.

    Please also advise the best router/switch/cable combination to connect the DVR to the PC. One DVR will be 100M and the next will be 200M away from the PC

    Thanks for advising

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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