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    Good day,

    I've recently bought a RedLeaf mini-dome IP camera, it has a great image quality but i have a problem setting up the person detection of the camera.

    Does anyone own a RedLeaf product here and can help me?

    best 🙂

    Mike Haldas


    I am not familiar with that brand. The process to setup the motion detection of IP cameras varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. I recommend that you check with the distributor that you purchased from to request a manual /setup instructions.


    Hi Don,

    If you are using Redleaf RLC-DF2011 or similar models you can go to setup menu, from the main web interface of camera by entering the camera,s IP address in IE,

    After that you can choose video then go to motion detection , there you can set the area and also you'll have some other option for motion detection,


    Thanks Mike,

    Kevin, yes my camera is RedLeaf RLC-DF2011 which is a 2megapixel mini dome camera.

    I am very satisfied with the image quality of this compact ip camera but its software (RLC manager) is a little confusing.

    However I will try and find the settings when i have more spare time.


    hey there

    i'm here to say that my old problem was solved by an firmware update from the RedLeaf security website, now as Kevin said I can even define an area such that the motion detection is only active in that specific area.

    Thank you Mike & Kevin 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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