RG-59 U Type cable through conduit underground installation

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    I purchased a Geovision system (8 channel) a while back and have 4 cameras active. I'm currently trying to add the additional 4 cameras to our nursery area which has a distance of 565' from the DVR system. Obviously, the plug-n-play cables that came with the system (100') is NOT sufficient for this installation. So I will be running 4 runs of cables UNDERGROUND through a 2" SCH 40 conduit pipe from the building to the nursery area (straight run).

    The BIG question:

    Will the RG-59 U Type Siamese Coax cable(w/power)

    Part# RG591000FT

    work for this application?

    I have in my CCTV cart 2000' cable to purchase and would like to make sure this will work and be effective for several years. I was also thinking of running an RG6 cable but it is TOOOOO expensive. I'm thinking RG59 would work effectively.

    Your recommendation is much appreciated! I don't want to checkout the items and then not work…



    did u install it yet?

    Mike Haldas


    I am sorry that none of us saw this post. If the RG59 cables will not fit in the conduit, you may want to consider using a 4 channel video balun and CAT-5 cable to run the video your cameras.

    You can see the device that I am referring to here.


    Please let me know if you have questions about using a system like this.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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