Same video feed, two different monitors?

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    I have a 4-ch DVR connected to a single monitor in one room.

    Is there something I can attach to the outgoing video connection, to send the video signal to another monitor in another room, so that both monitors show the same feed?

    I have seen Y-cables, with the single in being the connection that attached to the DVR, and the two on the other end being the ones that connect to the monitors.

    Would something like this work?


    Mike Haldas

    I assume that you are using a BNC monitor output from your DVR. If this is correct, you can use an AMP-1002 CCTV video splitter.


    Please let us know if we can help further.



    No, I don't see anything like that type of connector going to the monitor. The only place those connectors are located is coming from the cameras.

    What I was asking about was if a cable like this one:


    would work to split the feed from the DVR to two different monitors, not to split the incoming feed from the cameras. I can get a cable like this that is about 25' in length, which would be more than enough to run the video out from the DVR to another adjacent room.

    Would that work?


    Mike Haldas

    We have a two channel VGA splitter here. I have never seen an un-powered one like the one you provided the picture of. In my experience, when you split a VGA or analog video signal, the device needs to be powered in order to maintain the correct signal strength.




    I understand now.

    $12 for the cable, versus $90 for the box.

    Thanks for the explanation!

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