Solution For Converting BNC to RCA or VGA

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    Mike Haldas

    CCTV Camera Pros recently had a customer inquire with the following question.

    Looking at how to connect a BNC connection to a CCTV LCD Monitor. The Monitor im going to be using only supports RCA or VGA. What are my options?

    CCTV Camera Pros Response:

    You can use either of those inputs on the available monitor. The cheapest, easiest and best solution is to use the RCA input. Here is how, you will simply run the coax cable from the camera to the monitor and you can convert the BNC to RCA with the BNC Female to RCA Male converter seen here This is a much cleaner conversion than the VGA because RCA and BNC are both composite signals.

    If you wanted to convert BNC to VGA here is how. Same concept as the BNC to RCA, you will run your coax cable from the camera to the monitor and instead of using the BNC Female to RCA Male you will use the BNC to VGA converter seen here As you can see it is a bit more expensive but this is great in cases where the only monitor available is has a VGA input. Instead of running out and buying a new BNC or RCA Monitor which can run anywhere in the range from $379.99 – $1000 for just a 22" monitor. You can use this converter to convert the signal of any device with a BNC output to a VGA. The BNC to VGA converter also converts S-video to VGA.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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