Speco DVR and Pelco PTZ

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    I have a Speco DVR-16TL connected to a Pelco Spectra IV SE dome camera (part no. DD4CBW18). The video is transmitted over RG59 and control uses 16-2. All the switch settings match the DVR settings. It worked for a long time with no changes. One day I noticed the camera's configure details were on the screen. I found that the camera can no longer be controlled remotely or locally and the configure screen never goes away. I tried changing the camera and backbox with no success. I have not tried changing out the DVR yet (don't have an extra). Any suggestions?

    Mike Haldas


    I apologize that CCTV Camera Pros does not carry Speco PTZs so I have limited knowledge. I do think that the configuration screen not going away on the camera is a significant clue though. Maybe Speco displays this when there is a malfunction with the camera or maybe there is a problem that is causing the menu to not go away. Either way, it almost definitely appears to be a camera problem and I recommend that you get in touch with Speco or the distributor that you purchased it from for possible warranty service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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