Stand Alone Surveillance DVR System with iDVR

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer recently contacted CCTV Camera Pros via email with the following questions:

    I saw Mike's video posting on how-to set up a DVR monitoring system via the internet (on yahoo video).

    I am looking to set up an internet-monitored, home monitoring system for my home. I am starting with nothing so I am wondering if you sell a system that has:

    – up to 8 cameras

    – (preferred but not required) 4 cameras with night vision

    – no computer involved (I don't have faith that it won't crash)

    – reasonable resolution (VGA or half-VGA) @ ~1 fps over reasonable datarate (need some compression)

    CCTV Camera Pros response:

    Thank You for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. Please take a look at this surveillance system which includes a stand alone DVR, 4 indoor / outdoor IR cameras, cables, connectors, and power supply:

    This is a new DVR that we started carrying last year and it has been a major success. You can upgrade the DVR in that system to an 8 channel. I can also give you 10% off the price you see online because we are having a promotion / coupon offer right now. If you want to speak to myself or another sales engineer, you can call 888-849-2288, ext 1.

    Also here is more info on the DVR:

    It is compatible with iPhone, blackberry, and windows mobile for remote viewing (in addition to laptop or desktop computer support).

    Follow up questions & answers:

    -I don't need a computer connected to this, do I?

    No, but you can use a computer or phone to connect remotely to view the cameras if you choose.

    -What kind of crash frequency have you seen from this system? (1 per day? per mo? per yr?)

    I have never seen our iDVR model crash. It is very stable.

    -I understood the setup described on yahoo video using dyndns. Does this setup work like that?

    Yes, if your Internet connection uses a dynamic IP address, you can use the free DynDNS service shown in the video in conjunction with the iDVR.

    -If I upgrade the system to 8 channels, does the higher price include 8 cameras and 8 runs of cable?

    Here is the 8 camera version of that system:

    I can give you a special promotion price off of what is advertised on the website if you call me at 888-849-2288.

    -Can this be configured to alarm/email on a motion trigger, can it? Probably don't need this but could be nice.

    This DVR can be configured to send an email on motion activation as long as you have access to an outgoing SMTP mail server to send mail through.

    -What is the minimum data throughput necessary to get video? 128kbps? 256kbps?

    Ideally you want at least 512K upload speed on your internet connection. The more bandwidth that you have, the better (as with any remote access surveillance system).

    Please let us know if we can help further

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