Surveillance Camera Power and Cable Options

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    Mike Haldas

    Here is a recent chat transcript with a customer regarding cabling options:

    Customer: Hello, I need help powering my cameras…what type of connector would I use to hook up the siamese cable power end to the camera end?

    Customer Support: DC Flying Lead –

    Customer: Ok then what can I use to connect the ends of that to the siamese cable? Should I solder them and then cover them with black tape or use some kind of crimper?

    Customer Support: That should be fine. You are just splicing the raw wires. Butt connector or wire nut will work as well.

    Customer: Do you guys sell those?

    Customer Support: No, but they are quite common.

    Customer: Ok great…and how about the power for the other end? Should I get a power supply box or just splice the power adapters?

    Customer Support: I would recommend the distribution box. Or, you can use the PT-4 Power Lead – with individual power adapters for the cameras.

    Customer: Ok thanks. One more question… What type of coax wire would I need so that the ends properly crimp down onto the wire?

    Customer Support: RG-59 Siamese has both the coax for video and the copper pair for power –

    Customer: I will go ahead and purchase that.

    Customer Support: With Crimp-on BNC connectors –

    Customer: Do you sell the compression connectors? I have a compression tool.

    Customer Support:

    Customer: Great thanks.

    Customer Support: Thanks. Have a good day.

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