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    Hello to all. Ok, this is the setup that I have for the follow system. 4 x RCA MALE TO BNC FEMALE COAXIAL ADAPTER CONVERTER, 4 x Passive Video audio Power Balun Transceiver RJ45, 2 x bullet IR camera day night color 30 LED video CCTV CCD, 1 x 4channel USB DVR, 1 x dc power adaptor splitter to power up multiple cameras at once, and ethernet cable. I am sure I have installed the correct driver for the USB DVR because it displays the name of the device and plugs, cables correctly. However, cameras receive power but when trying to capture it on the software it still shows no signal. I have tried a straight and crossover cable and no success. I have no clue what else I am missing or doing wrong. If anyone knows a solutions to this, your feedback would greatly be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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