using a cctv camera as a web cam

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    one of our friend have a web cam but the clarity is not good. once he seen the cctv camera and he asked can i use this camera as web cam?

    is it possible to connect and have any converter from bnc to usb

    Mike Haldas


    Yes, it is possible to use video converters such as Pinnacle RCA to USB video caputure devices to do this. When using CCTV cameras you also typically need a BNC to RCA converter, because closed circuit cameras use BNC connectors, not RCA.

    Here is outdoor wildlife camera that uses on of our S600VF12 outdoor CCTV cameras with a RCA to USB capture box and a windows PC. The video streams through uStream.


    Someone gave me a sony camera and one cable. I see I need a connector to use it as a webcam, but do I also need software? I know nothing about surveilance cameras or webcams, but I need one for an online conference.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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