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    There are many photographers in the world. Most people think a photographer can do whatever they want and go everywhere they like, just be armed with a spy camera and taking photos, they can record the most wonderful instant that happened around them. but besides selecting and doing Photoshop, do you know what are they shooting? They shoot their own dreams and the dreams of others.

    Michael Wolf is A Germany photographer, he shoot a lot of pictures, and one of them named Tokyo Subway Dreams which won the First Prize of Daily Life in 2010 World Press Photo.

    These photos are all taken in 2009, he aimed at reflecting peoples live, especially citizens. All these photos represented different facial expression and the crowd scene in the subway. There are young and old, men and women, all represented in the photos. Just imagine, in a big city like Tokyo, a large majority of people ride subways go to or back from work, plus the bad traffic jams in the peak time, how crowd the subway will be. Every morning, there are one million people need to be send from this side of the city to the other side. Some look nervous, some is dozing off, even in the limited and crowd space. But they all hold their own dreams.

    Someone has said when youre appreciating the scenery, there is always some others appreciating you. Yes, in the photo there is a boy who is taking pictures with his spy camera, he looks like a student. Maybe he thought this kind of crowd scenery should be taken to make others think about something. Maybe he just wanted to try his camera. No matter what he thought, he, at that time, was the leading role in the picture.

    There were stars or the stars in the future, but what did they do at that time? They need to bear this kind of life and persist on their dreams. Maybe now he is the leading role of himself, in the coming future he will be the leading role of many fans and cameras from all directions. At that time, he can ride his own car to work and take photos of others with his spy camera. He wont need to bear the crowd, but he should bear other pressures while holding the next dream of his life.

    All in all, life is hard. We need to take many responsibilities and face many pressures, but we should hold a dream in our heart. God will never help a man who never acts. Do everything you can to be closer to your dream every day, one day you will realize it.

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