What is the best home security camera system?

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer recently contacted me to ask what is the best security camera system for a home. Here are his questions, followed by my recommendation.

    I am looking to get a security camera system for my home. My house is a 2 story, 2700 sq ft. on a 65’ x 110’ lot.

    I want the best clarity in day and night, but don’t want to break the bank as far as cost goes. I will use a combination of indoor and outdoor cameras.

    I want remote viewing ability from my computer and mobile phone. I would also like to receive motion detection alerts.

    Currently, no there is no wiring is in place. I want it to be future proof, so eventually will want to upgrade the cameras and recorder.

    What is the best HD camera technology? HD-SDI vs HD-TVI vs HD-CVI vs AHD?

    This was my recommendation.

    Please note that I an updated article here: what is the best security camera system?

    Thank you for the opportunity. I highly recommend 1080p AHD cameras. Their image is outstanding and the cost is very affordable. There are also many different indoor and outdoor options to choose from.

    HD-TVI cameras have video quality that is just as good, but tend to cost slightly more. We sell a lot of HD-TVI cameras and customers are very happy with them. Again, the only reason that I recommend AHD over HD-TVI is cost.

    HD-SDI came out a few years before AHD and TVI. It was the first 1080p over coax solution. It has been replaced by AHD and TVI because you can run cables to AHD and TVI cameras much farther than SDI without sacrificing video quality. SDI cameras also tend to me more expensive.

    CVI cameras are good too but the format is more proprietary. AHD is very open and used by a lot of manufacturers.

    I also highly recommend our iDVR-PRO HD DVR. It works with AHD and TVI security cameras.

    The iDVR-PRO supports excellent remote viewing iPhone and Android mobile apps. Remote access is also excellent from desktop software for Mac and Windows. All of the apps and software are included. You can watch video demos here.

    This section of our technical support page, has a few articles on how to setup motion detection and alarm input alerts.

    If you wire your system with high quality 95% copper RG59 coax cable, you will be ready when the HD over coax advances beyond 1080p resolution.

    We can put together a complete quote for you. If you are interested, please let me know how many indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, and how many feet of cable you need. You can email me back at mike@cctvcamerapros.net

    You can also see some of the pre-made HD security camera systems that we supply here.

    HD Security Camera System

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