What Software Can I Use For (maybe) Foscam?

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    I bought a cheap unbranded wireless IP cam from eBay, from China. It works okay basically but in a limited way. The biggest problem is management software.

    I would like to buy more of them. But I need to control them.

    They provide software called 'Collect Client' in your WinXP Program List and 'Pc Camera Control Centre' when it is opened.

    With this I should be able to control up to 32 cameras at once. See them all onscreen. Do all sorts of things. But I can't even get it to see my one single wireless IP, nor any of the simple webcams attached to my Lan.

    Looking around I think it is probably a Foscam F18918W or clone of it. That's what it looks like. You can google them and see plenty of them.

    And when I go to look at it from the internet (as distinct from looking at it from within my Lan, which works fine, using its local IP and port number) I reach it okay and get the menu which allows selecting from three modes of operation – one for IE, one for such as Firefox and one for mobile phones. But whichever I select I fail to get a picture.

    Which I think is pretty shabby because I can get a perfect streamed video picture of a cheap little webcam via Yawcam set up on the Lan from my mobile phone, my cellphone. All I have to do is enter my external IP number and the port number for the streaming video from that cellphone and bingo… an IP camera.

    So it strikes me as something I shouldn't tolerate in future purchases, not being able to see a video from these more ambitious kind of cameras.

    Anyway, there it is, guys.

    I would appreciate any help anyone can give me with:

    1. Software (preferably freeware) I can use to manage this particular Wireless IP cam (and future ones).

    2. Any info/advice anyone has on why I can't see this thing on my cell. I think it is perfectly well available to the web on pc's. I haven't got one (off my lan) to test with. You can test if you like. It should be at

    3. Any info/advice anyone might have about this particular cam. What brand is it? Where can I find a manual that is better than the thing they provided? Like how am I to use the audio plug there in the front? Plug what in? Just any old microphone?





    Hi! As far as I know your camera supports RTSP. So you can connect it to free ivideon app. I have another problem. How to connect iDVR to ivideon.

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