Zavio F7210 HD Surveillance Camera for Time Lapse Video

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer recently contacted me with the following questions in regards to using the Zavio F7210 HD surveillance camera for time lapse video. Here are his questions:

    I am going to use that camera to have time lapse video like you wrote here:

    How to use a IP Security Camera for Time-Lapse Photography

    I am interested in buying: Zavio F7210 HD Surveillance Camera, Wireless Option, Day/Night, 1080p Camera will be inside the building filming people working on construction. Is this good choice?

    Do you have that camera on stock?

    Is power supply included?

    Can I add to the order USB Antena Wifi (as on seen on the pictures on the product page?)

    Is there stand/tripod included with the camera, so I can mount it to a desk?

    CCTV Camera Pros response:

    Thank You for reading my article and for contacting me. Yes, the Zavio F7210 is an excellent choice to automate capturing time lapse pictures in the way you describe.


    If possible, I recommend avoiding using a wireless connection to setup and view the camera as the connection is not as stable as with a wired Ethernet connection. Is it possible to connect the camera to your network using a CAT5 cable instead of wireless? CCTV Camera Pros only recommends using wireless network connections as a last resort option if wired is not at all possible.

    Also, please note that you can use a micro SD card to record the images. So, in case you can only connect the camera over WIFI, you can configure the camera to save snapshots both to the local SD card and FTP server (if that is what you had planned similar to how I setup my recent time lapse video project). This way if there is a problem with the wireless network connection and the images can not be uploaded via FTP, they will still be saved to the SD card.

    Here is a picture of the mounting bracket that is included with the camera:

    The WIFI dongle is available as an add-on option for $34.99. You can see it on the main product page, under the options section on the right.

    Last, yes the camera is in stock and the power supply in included.

    Please let me know if I can help further.


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