Zavio IP Cameras Support 64GB SD Cards

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    Mike Haldas

    The following Zavio IP cameras now support 64GB SD cards. These IP cameras have a built-in SD card slot that can be used to capture video and still image snapshots. Users may configure their camera to record continuously or capture video or stills based on a trigger such as motion detection or another alarm type.

    These Zavio IP cameras have been confirmed to work with SDXC cards.
    D4320 D4520 B6330 D6330 B6530 D6530 P4320
    B8220 D8220 B8520 D8520 P4520

    The following 64GB SD cards have been tested and confirmed to work.
    Transcend Premium 64GB UHS-1
    SanDisk Ultra 64GB UHS-1

    64GB SD Card IP Camera

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