Video Mux Provides Real-time 16 Channel CCTV Multiplexer

Video MuxCCTV Camera Pros proudly announces the availability of the new VM-16RT real-time video mux for CCTV camera systems. The VM-16RT CCTV multiplexer can be used as a stand-alone video processor to control various types of video views directly to a monitor and/or in conjunction with a VCR surveillance recorder. The VM-16RT has two BNC video outputs. It is easy to switch video screen modes using the infrared wireless remote control that is included. The VM-16RT multiplexer supports all of the most popular video display modes: 16 camera/channel grid, 9 camera/channel grid, 8 camera/channel grid, quad screen (4 camera view), split screen (dual camera view), single screen view (one camera), sequence rotation (where the screen scrolls between the cameras configured for a set amount of time that is also configurable), picture in picture mode (main channel and PIP channel is easily selected using the remote control), and dual PIP. The VM-16RT included the power supply for the mux and the wireless remote control (with battery).

The VM-16RT is currently available from CCTV Camera Pros (at the time this article was written) for $499.99. Please click for additional information or to buy online: 16 Channel CCTV Multiplexer.

Commenting on the VM-16RT, CCTV Camera Pros co-founder Mike Haldas says: “CCTV Camera Pros is very happy to offer the new VM-16RT. I believe that we are providing a great value by offering a real-time 16 channel video processor at a price point of under $500. CCTV multiplexers and quad processors are still extremely useful in many video surveillance systems today. CCTV Camera Pros sales engineers continue to find handy uses for video multiplexers in modern surveillance systems that have complex video display requirements or display requirements that go beyond what a typical surveillance DVRs supports. We also find that some customers are using cameras only for live viewing, where no video recording is involved in the application. In addition to this, there are still a lot of VCR surveillance recorders deployed that need a replacement video mux when a legacy one goes bad. We will continue to supply the best video multiplexers for as long as our customers need them.”

Video Mux Features

  • 16 Channel BNC Video Inputs / 16 BNC Loop Out / 4 Channel Audio RCA Inputs
  • 1 BNC Monitor, 1 BNC VCR Out, 1 BNC VCR In, 1 RCA Audio Out
  • Real time refresh rate
  • Supports NTSC and PAL Video
  • Separate Color Adjustments for each Security Camera
  • Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, and Sharpness
  • Selectable Video Display Modes: 16 Camera Grid, 9 Camera Grid, 8 Camera Grid, Quad Screen, Full Screen, Picture in Picture, Dual Screen (2 camera split screen), Auto sequence
  • Image Freeze Function
  • Selectable Image Zoom Area
  • Text Overlay Information per Camera: Camera Title, Time & Date
  • Wireless Remote Control Included
  • Power Supply Included

16 Channel CCTV Multiplexer Video

The following video demonstrates the capability of the VM-16RT video mux using a 42″ LCD monitor and four surveillance cameras.

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