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CCTV Camera Lens Comparison

CCTV Camera Pros created this image gallery for customers to compare the angle of view (zoom level) of different CCTV lens sizes. We used four different varifocal lenses attached to the same PRO-680DN box security camera to capture all images. The camera was positioned at the same location for all images captured, which was 20 feet away from the Mike Meyers and Marilyn Monroe stand up cut-outs.

A 3 inch sticky note was attached to the wall between Mike Meyers and Marilyn Monroe with text written on it. You can see an arrow that we added to the 5mm and 6mm images to point it out. The 60mm and 100mm images show that even small text can be recognized when a high powered lens is zoomed in and focused properly.

A varifocal lens provides a range that can be adjusted to allow installers to adjust the angle of view to just the right angle to monitor a specific area. Fix lenses, on the other hand, are just that, fixed and unable to be adjusted. The following varifocal lens sizes were used in this test: 2.8-12mm, 3.5-8mm, 6-60mm, and 5-100mm.

We captured two images with each lens. One at the widest setting and the other at the most narrow / zoomed in setting. We also have a video on this page that compares various CCTV lens sizes as well.

Here are the images that we captured.










CCTV Camera 12mm Lens





Surveillance Camera & DVR Used

The following video surveillance equipment was used for our test.


Learn more about the PRO-680DN box camera that was used to capture all of these images here. You can find different versions of the PRO-680DN with all of the different lens sizes on this page. You can learn more about the iDVR on this page.


Lenses Used

The following varifocal lenses were used.

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