Viewtron HD-SDI CCTV DVR Viewer App for iPad

Here is an image gallery that shows the high definition video surveillance quality of the Viewtron DVR viewer app for iPad. At CCTV Camera Pros, we have a Viewtron VT-HD404 DVR connected to 4 HD-SDI CCTV cameras and 4 traditional CCTV cameras.

Four camera remote iPad app view of the Viewtron VT-HD-404 HD-SDI CCTV hybrid DVR Viewtron DVR viewer iPad app remotely viewing an HD-AD40 weatherproof infrared HD-SDI dome camera Viewtron HD-SDI CCTV DVR viewer iPad app remote Internet view of an HD-D20 1080p infrared indoor dome HD-SDI CCTV camera Viewtron HD-SDI CCTV iPad app viewing of an HD-D20W dome HD-SDI CCTV camera that is capable of full 1080p resolution Viewtron video surveillance iPad app viewing of an  HD-BX7-28 HD-SDI Box-style CCTV camera with a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens. 8 camera view of the VT-HD404 Viewtron DVR using the iPad DVR viewer app

If you are not familiar with HD-SDI cameras, they use the same RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable as traditional CCTV cameras but they are able to support full 1080p resolution. They also require an HD-SDI compatible DVR to work. Some Viewtron DVR models are hybrid which means they work with both HD-SDI and traditional CCTV cameras. If you would like to learn more, there is an article here that explains further and explains HD-SDI vs. CCTV resolution.

In the above views, channels 1-4 are HD-SDI cameras and 5-8 are regular CCTV (this can be seen in the 8 camera view image). In addition to iPad, the Viewtron iOS app also works great on iPhone and iPod Touch. There is also a Viewtron DVR viewer app for Android that works on both phone and tablet format Android devices.

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