4K Security Camera DVR Surveillance Recording [Video Demo]

This demo video surveillance footage was recording using a 4K security camera (BNC / Coax Cable type) and 4K DVR. I made this video to show people what 4K video surveillance looks when recorded on a DVR at 8 frames per second.

Since we launched our new 4K iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs, I have heard concerns from some customers regarding the 8 frames per second max recording frame rate (for 4K cameras). Many of the DIY and professional installers that we supply equipment to are use to 15FPS and 30FPS recording rates. Due to the higher throughput and much larger resolution of 4K video, the recording frame rate is lower.

To make this video demo, I used our new 4K-D9 security camera. This camera works in normal light and has built-in infrared LEDs used for IR night vision – where the camera can see in complete darkness. The video demo captures normal and IR surveillance video.

4K security camera


The camera was connected to one of the BNC video inputs on this 8ch 4K DVR. These new 4K models use the same user interface and remote viewing apps as our 1080p iDVR-PROs.

4K security camera DVR

I used this pre-made HD security camera cable to connect the camera to the BNC video input on the DVR.

HD security camera cable


Conclusion / Opinion

I believe that 8 frames per second recording is totally sufficient for the typical residential or business security camera installation. The video is not choppy as some people expected. There is a noticeable difference when you compare 8 to 30 frames per second, but most applications do not require 30 FPS.  If you are installing a license plate capture system or monitoring a manufacturing process using a camera system (high speed parts), then I would recommend 30 FPS, but for most customers 7.5 FPS or 8 FPS is excellent quality.

If you have any questions related to this video or any of the surveillance equipment that was used, please email me here.