4K Security Camera vs 1080p Video Comparison

Watch this video to compare video surveillance recorded using a 4K security camera vs 1080p. The best way to compare is to play this video back on a 4K TV monitor to see the full 4K video. If you do not have access to a 4K monitor, you will still be able to see the difference in video quality between 4K and 1080p, especially when I digitally zoom into the image by 4x / 400%.

4K Security Camera

4K Security Camera Bullet

This is the 4K security camera that I used. I have this camera permanently installed at my house to monitor part of my driveway and the walkway that leads to my front door.

4K security camera installation

You can see in the above picture where the camera is mounted above my garage door.

1080p Security Camera

1080p security camera installation

Here is a picture of the HD-Q7 1080p CCTV camera that I used to record the 1080p video. You probably notice that the housing of 4K-BL9 and HD-Q7 are identical. You can not even tell these cameras apart. CCTV Camera Pros gets both of these models from the same manufacturer. The difference is the 4K and 1080p image sensors and lenses inside. Because the housing and mounts of the two cameras are the same, it was very easy to swap the 4K camera out with the 1080p to make the above video.

4K Security Camera DVR

4K security camera DVR

To record the video, each camera was connected to this iDVR-PRO 4K surveillance DVR that I use at my house. The cameras are hard wired to the DVR using RG59 Siamese cable. This DVR is compatible with almost all CCTV / BNC type cameras including older analog CCTV (CVBS), HD-TVI, and AHD (analog high definition) cameras. It supports the following resolutions: D1, 960H, 720p / 1mp, 1080p / 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp, and 8mp / 4K surveillance cameras.

These hybrid DVRs are a great choice for customers that want to use all 4K cameras and also for customers who need to mix a variety of formats and resolutions. I have supplied many of these DVRs to customers that have an existing security camera system in place and want to use their older analog CCTV cameras now, and upgrade some or all to HD security cameras later.

4K Resolution Images

4K security camera snapshot

Here is a snapshot taken from the video recording using the 4K ultra HD security camera. Please click on any of these images to see the full high resolution images.

4K security camera 4x zoom

Here is a snapshot image digitally zoomed in 4x, or 400%. Notice how much clearer the CCTV Camera Pros logo is on my short on this image vs the 1080p image below.

1080p Camera Images

1080p security camera snapshot

Here is a snapshot image taken from the video recording using the 1080p / 2 megapixel camera. Please click on the image for the full resolution.

1080p security camera 4x zoom

Here is the 1080p surveillance camera with 4x / 400% digital zoom.

4K vs 1080p Video Resolution

4K vs 1080p security camera

Here is a side-by-side of the 4K vs 1080p security cameras. When you look close at the details of the image, like the lines in the paver walkway and grass, it becomes very obvious that the 4K camera is much sharper and clearer.

4X Digital Zoom

4K vs 1080p security camera

Here is a side-by-side of the 4K security camera vs 1080p at 4x digital zoom. You can see the image quality at 4K does make a noticeable difference when you look at the logo on my shirt and the clarity of my face.

Questions / Comments

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