Multiple Camera Video Game Streaming Setup

Check out this multiple camera video game streaming setup that we experimented with at CCTV Camera Pros. We used this system yesterday to broadcast a live video game stream on Twitch. Watch the above video for an explanation and demo.

Wondering why a security camera company is setting up a video game streaming system? Besides to have some fun at the office, we wanted to show people how some of our equipment can be used for video applications other than security. Also, when I was looking, I could not find any video gamers that were using a multiple camera streaming system like this. As it turns out, this equipment is some of the best and most affordable available for live streaming. And, some of the only equipment available for multi-camera streaming.

multiple camera video game streaming setup

Here is how the system works.

  1. The blue lines are RG59 coax cable used to connect the 3 security cameras (basically being used as webcams) to the VM-HD4 CCTV video multiplexer. These cameras are a mix of 1080p and 4K HD-over-Coax security cameras. The VM-HD4 combines the HD video signals from the 3 cameras and the video game console into a single HDMI output. The screens can be switched between single views and multi-views using the wireless remote control that is included with the VM-HD4.
  2. The green lines are HDMI cables. The HDMI output of the Nintendo Switch dock is connected to the HDMI input of our AHD-CV12 HDMI to AHD video converter. This allows us to add the video signal from the Switch to our video multiplexer. The multiplexer has BNC inputs that are compatible with AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI video up to 4K resolution.
  3. The BNC video output of the AHD-CV12 connects to one of the BNC video inputs of the multiplexer. Now we have the video signals from the 3 cameras and the game console all managed by the video multiplexer.
  4. The yellow line is an audio cable that connects the analog audio output of the Nintendo Switch to the audio input of the HDMI-U3. The U3 is an HDMI to USB converter / video capture box. It is the device that enables us to capture the video signal on our Macbook.
  5. The purple line is the USB cable that connects the HDMI-U3 to the Thunderbolt port on my Mac. Being that the HDMI-U3 uses USB 3.0, I needed to use this USB-3 to USB-C Thunderbolt adapter.
  6. The Macbook is running Open Broadcaster software (OBS). OBS is integrated with, YouTube, Facebook, and all of the other well known video streaming platforms.
  7. The Mac is hard wired to our network router. The router is connected to a high speed Internet connection. This allows us to connect the OBS software to the Twitch streaming platform.
  8. The HDMI-U3 capture box also has an HDMI loop output. We have the HDMI output connected to the large TV on our video wall to display live video locally while we stream. This is perfect for the gamers to use while they stream. You can see a picture of the video wall below.
  9. Not pictures above, I also used a Shure USB headset microphone to talk while streaming. We captured audio from two difference sources while streaming – the audio output from the Switch game console and from my USB headset mic.

Video Game Streaming + Video Wall

HDMI to USB video capture

The HDMI loop output on the HDMI-U3 video capture / streaming box allows us to setup a local video display on the video wall at CCTV Camera Pros, in addition to streaming the video output.

Twitch Video Game Stream

Here are some screenshots that we captured of the Twitch stream.

Multiple camera twitch game stream

Here is a snapshot of the multi-camera view streaming on Twitch.

twitch video game streaming

This is when we used the remote control of the multiplexer to change to the single screen view of the Mario Kart game.

HDMI to USB Converter / Video Capture Box

HDMI to USB Video Capture for Streaming

The HDMI-U3 capture box is what enables HDMI video capture for live streaming. It can also be used for much more simple applications, like just streaming the HDMI output from a video game console. It optional to add the video multiplexer and all of the cameras like we did in this example.

CCTV Camera Pros has assisted customers with equipment for live streaming for other types of events too. We have designed systems for churches, funeral homes, dance studios, karate dojos, gymnastics gyms, curling clubs, tennis clubs, sports arenas and courts.

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