Re: DVR Requires Reboot for Remote Access


This makes sense…but in the DVR network settings would I leave it to static or dhcp? I am guessing static or how else would I be able to port forward if the DVR ip is changing? The router dhcp server is from 100 to 149, so I could just make it 149 and leave it static in the dvr…right?

As for the disconnects I think you may be right again, as when in the webviewer in internet explorer it doesn't seem to fully disconnect when clicking on that button.

One other question that I have found conflicting info on is that in the DVR network settings it has a ddns function that could be enabled or disabled…it is disabled as I have that function enabled on the router. But it does seem to work when both DVR and router are enabled, but doesn't work when just DVR is enabled. Any thoughts on enabling just in router or both router and DVR???

Thanks for the help and hints…this site is great!