Re: DVR Requires Reboot for Remote Access


Ok, so I've tried changing static ip inside dhcp range…works but then after a while it won't work anymore. When I have the ddns settings set in router and dvr, I noticed that at first the status in dvr says "ddns connection ok 14"…but when it's not working it says "ddns connection ok 2"? I have also noticed that when dvr is reset and I check the open port tool on the dyndns site it says port 80 is open and port 8841 is open, but if I go back and check port 80 again it will say "refused"? Any thoughts on this?

I may try and change to dhcp in dvr as well…and take my chances of it not changing much as it's always on, and see if that makes a difference.

I know you can change the http port, well I thought you could…but I've had no luck with that either.