Re: DVR Requires Reboot for Remote Access

Mike Haldas


The DDNS and DHCP settings do overlap between the router and the DVR. This is the case for any IP device.

Some routers, like older LinkSys models do not let you setup static IP addresses for devices on your network so you must setup the static IP address for your devices using the device itself. I am referring to internal (LAN) IP addresses right now. I recommend setting your DVRs IP address using the DVR and like you said setting it way up at the high end of your routers DHCP range.

In regards to DDNS settings, again these setting can typically be managed by your router and by each device. My preference and recommendation is to use the router to manage your DDNS settings or to download and windows client and use I found once that LinkSys was contacting the DDNS service too often and they disabled my account. So I switched to using the windows client (it is a small program that is always running on a windows PC connected to your network) that they provide and I never had that problem again. The downside to this method is the PC must always be running.

Last regarding the HTTP port, some ISPs are strange about incoming requests on port 80 so you may want to change that port if it causes you trouble and you are able to.

I hope this helps.