Re: Geovision iPhone Application GV-iView


I have GV 8.4 and GV-iView 2.1.3 on an iPhone 3G with OS 5. I have used GV-iView successfully before, but it was with an older OS and older GV-iView version, and I have since changed my ISP as well.

I have a router with the following ports forwarded to my GV server: 80, 8010, 8866, 5511.

I have not forwarded ports 4550 and 5550, but I think those are only for PTZ control? Do I still need to forward those as well?

I can access everything in GV-iView if I go through the local network, with the exception that in RPB View, when I play a video, the video area just flickers. While that's a problem, it's not really the problem I am trying to solve.

When I access through the Internet, I always get a connection failed message with DVR. I can access RPB without any problems, though again I get the flicker when I try to play a video. I tried using default port 80 as well as using alternate port 8010 with the same results.

What would cause DVR to fail but RPB to work? Maybe I already answered my own question. Going to try forwarded the PTZ ports, even though I don't have a PTZ camera, and see what that does…