Re: Geovision iPhone Application GV-iView


Evening All

Just a quick query regarding a geovison DVR I bought here in Aus about 2 years ago. I purchased the unit in Jul 2010 and it had a GV-900 card running v6.5 software. I was using a nokia phone at the time and so remote viewing was clunky yet functional by using ssview.

Having since changed to an Iphone I am starting to realise that remote viewing isnt possible. I cant seem to upgrade to a 8.x version required for iphone remote viewing and the only SSview app in the istore appears to have disappeared now as well?

Does anyone please have a workaround or an aftermarket solution, vendors response was buy a new card, not real helpful. I suspect I was sold a really old card as this was purchased new only 2 years ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!