Re: iphone surveillance viewing using Geovision GV-iView app


Hi James. Tks for the help. I tried with port 8080 and it did work. In fact, I had already tried earlier and it did not work. However, as you were very positive about Iview working with other ports other than 80, I started thinking about what I was doing wrong and I sudenlly realized I had forgotten a very basic point: to include the port after my IP on Iview. In short, for the benefit of whoever might bump into the same problem:

OO GEOVISION: go to Webserver Setup -> HTTP Port and write 8080 (or other).

On your Router: unblock this port on your Firewall (if it is blocked); it might be necessary to route WAN traffic on port 8080 to you PC IP (LAN traffic), if you have a router.

On your Iphone: on the IP field -> write your IP (ou a domain acquired with DynDns, e.g)followed by ":8080"; for example: 186.034.126:8080 or

It worked perfectly for me!!

Tks for the help.