Re: Playback not working


Yes I did (maybe 4 or 5 times).

I have also tried to boot in playback mode only (press Play during boot) but still not able to play anything out of the hard drive.

I actually remember that the first time playback failed, the date on the hard drive indicated ???/???/1996. When attempting to playback, it briefly shows 00/00/1996, which is an invalid date and possibly the cause of the playback issue. But the invalid date comes back to normal after a reformatting.

After I rebooted in playback mode only (as explained above), and rebooted again to go back to normal mode, the HDD status (shown from menu) now indicates ???/???/1996 again.

I switched the DVR into continuous recording hoping that the invalid date would be overwritten when the recording will start over from the beginning.

Any other ideas will be very much appreciated.